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This site was a pet project that developed from an effort to understanding how to use Microsoft Frontpage express worked. At the time there was little in the way of help or online tutorials for this. It then developed from there. Can't recall how many hours or cups of coffee went into its birth and development. It was originally published early in July 1999 but has undergone several major rehashes since then.

The site's webmaster is Alan D. He's no IT professional and learned his skills in a haphazard DIY manner. Alan works and lives in the Scotland. Contact him through

This web site was created by using the following editors -

Microsoft Frontpage express (v2.0)- initial main editor
Claris Corp Homepage (v2) - for WYSIWYG setting up of frames
Microsoft Notepad - for final HTML changes etc.
Macromedia Dreamweaver - in 1999/2000 been key site editor

Graphics Sourced and edited by

Some graphics from following packages

IMSI MasterClips Webart
100,000 webgraphics from Focus Multimedia Limited

Also from the following sites

Microsoft Development networks (MSDN) download site


Images were edited with

Serif's WebsiteSerif's PhotoPlus 7 & 8 have become our image editors of choice esp. for pics


Web graphics created by XaraXara webster v 1.0 excellent tool for sorting buttons out


Coming soon... GIF Destruction Set: turns animated GIF files into car commercials.aging but useful tool for creating animated gifs. Not image editor per se

http://pico.i-us.comWebpage HTML shrunk by HTML shrinker

(great wee bit of freeware, just make sure you back up your site before using it for the first time and set your options carefully)

Our Thanks to for providing our wicked search engine

Our Thanks to YaBB Forum for providing our wild forum

Get Microsoft Internet Explorerdownload netscapePreviewed and checked with Internet explorer 6, Netscape 6, Netscape communicator 4.7 and Opera 5

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We had been using freebie ISP space, but things were so slow. Since Sept 2001 these guys have done an great job with hosting the site