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Using HTML with Frontpage Express

Hypertext Markup language (HTML) is what web pages are
written in. Frontpage Express and other WYSIWYG HTML editors do the translating for you. However all of these have their limitations
(e.g. can't create frames in WYSIWYG mode in Frontpage Express) so learning some HTML is no bad thing.

This site has other areas devoted to HTML (e.g. in our tutorials section)
We suggest you begin there to learn about HTML before reading on.

The other problem is Frontpage express may change your edited changes (the editor will attempt to convert HTML into a form it can understand).(see bottom of page for example)

However, you can add HTML to documents in WYSIWYG mode.

With Frontpage express there are 3 ways you can do this.

Firstly if you click on view -> HTML you will see and be able to edit the current page in HTML

Unfortunately Frontpage express may try to alter the HTML once you've typed it (see below)

.The other 2 methods avoids this.

If you select a target point on your page and then
click on Insert -> HTML Markup... you will be presented with a box you can type or paste your HTML into.

HTML markup box

Any HTML text entered will have a set of special marker tags which browsers won't recognize but Frontpage express will (they tell it to not to alter the HTML). Remember to repeat the process later to close any tags

Finally you can insert attributes into areas.

image properties box Demonstrating insert HTML attributes

For example if you right-click on an image and select (5) image properties, on the image properties menu you will see the "extended" button at the bottom of the panel. Select this and you can enter attributes and their values.back to top

A good example of Frontpage altering HTML is the use of <align> tags. HTML 4.0 support text justification but Frontpage express doesn't understand this. You can create a web page with the following tag <align="justify". or enter it in Frontpage express editing mode but Frontpage will convert it to default (align left)

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