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Frontpage Express
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Here are some helpful books and items for using with frontpage express on the market. Here is our guide to some we have used

Frontpage Express Guidebooks
Site Design books


Easy Web Pages by Gina Carrillo & Ned Snell



(UK readers Click Here)

Now in it's second edition, this is an excellent Beginners book on how to set up a web site using Microsoft FrontPage Express. Takes everything step by step with great clear cartoon diagrams from getting FrontPage Express to publishing your site. Although aimed at novice users, it is the best book on using Frontpage Express we've seen. For more experience users can be a bit simplistic.

It then goes beyond the basics from to introduce HTML & Forms. It also provides help on getting your site noticed, banners etc.. Good glossary and lists links to tons of helpful resources. Aimed at the beginner so don't expect a guide to write JavaScript

In summary an essential reference tool for the beginner. All you need laid out clearly out.

For more details click on bookcover

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 at a Glance by Microsoft Press (1rst Edition)


Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 at a Glance

(UK readers click here)

Detailed guide to the whole of the MicrosoftInternet explorer suite. It provide concise, detailed information on everything to do with this suite from browsing to having a net meeting. Around a 5th of its 275 pages are devoted to frontpage express. It provides concise advice about all features of Frontpage express including inserting Java, Active X, Forms HTML etc..

However unless you're desperate to know about other features of the IE5 suite, there are books that cover Frontpage express in better detail (although perhaps not covering all features)

This book is likely to out of print now since advent of IE 5.5 and 6 (their guides will have nil on FPE as it won't actually be installed per se)

For more details click on bookcover


Web Style Guide P.J Lynch & Sarah Horton


Web Style Guide

(UK readers Click Here)

Bit ambivalent about this one. Essentially it is the hard copy of the Yale style guide site which is one of the best recognised guides to site design. Your hard earn money will buy you effectively a 161 page paper back of that with illustrations.


Much of the advice is superb and indispensable. The reading isn't for beginners though and the book becomes over laboured for its size on Graphic types

Handy for reference but does it tell you anymore than its site does for free. It'll make sure you're site is well structured and easy to use but it won't teach you cool tricks

For more details click on bookcover




Web Design in a Nutshell
Creating Killer Websites
Practical Web Page Design



Sams Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours Michael Moncur (now 2nd ed)




(UK readers Click Here)

Note We reviewed the first edition (links here to the second)

This book represents good introduction to JavaScript for the novice. It is divided into 24 tutorial Chapters and gives a quiz and practical challenges at the end of each chapter.

It is easy to follow and a great introduction, but a experienced programmer would find it limited (it's no reference tool

There is no appendix of note indexing of command and no answers to the puzzles in the book. There are a few typos but the author details these at his web site (1st Ed)

Overall superb

For more details click on bookcover

JavaScript Bible
JavaScript Goodies
JavaScript Unleashed
JavaScript : The Definitive Guide

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Complete Idiot's Guide to Java 2 Michael Morrison




(UK readers Click Here)

(Note Our review is based on the Java 1.2 version of the book)

After our experience with The complete idiots guide to creating a webpage (see HTML Reviews). We were looking forward to this one. Sadly we were pretty disappointed.

Firstly to use it you need to down load the massive Java Developer's Kit (JDK) from Sun. Although this is free it tied up our PC's 56K modem for well over an hour. Sun allow others to distribute this so why couldn't they have given us a CD like their HTML book

We didn't find the writing style helpful writing and at times it could be long between examples

However the book is well laid out and may appeal to some

For more details click on bookcover



Java in a Nutshell
Beginning Java 2.0
Teach Yourself Java 2.0 in 24 hours


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