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Creating Graphics    
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Create Web Images without a dedicated graphics programs

Although image editors are widely available (and some baisc ones are free!). You don't need fancy editors to create images for your site.

The operating system usually installs a bitmap image package like Microsoft's paint (click on desktop start -> programs -> accessories -> paint). Early versions don't allow you to save your images as .gifs or .jpegs (note those of you with newer OS like Windows XP can save things directly as a .gif or .jpeg)

However there is a way around this using a WYSIWYG editor like Frontpage express or composer.

Open both your paint package and your webpage editor at the same time. With the webpage editor go to the page you want to put the image in. Create an image with paint and select it using
the (1) select icon which allows you to drag a selection area out.

Click (2) edit -> copy and then return to your web page editor window. Paste this image in (e.g. edit -> paste) and attempt to save the web page. You should be given a option box like this

Hit yes and your file image will be saved in the same directory (you can go back and change it's name later)(alternatively
(either .jpeg or .gif)

You do get some image degradation compared to using a specialist package.nback to top

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