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Getting Noticed    
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How To Use <meta> tags to get noticed

<meta> tags are unseen part of an HTML page but they never the less have an important role to play.

Internet search engines constantly scour the net. They often rely on info in <meta> tags for keywords or a description. Similarly you can (if you want !!) include info about the page author. There are other uses such as defining the character subtype or editing program but these are non essential.

<meta> tags go between <head> and </head> tags on an HTML document (composer and frontpage express users should use add HTML functions for this)

The first set to learn are <meta> tags with the name attribute (text in red is what you will change suite your page)

To put a description use this

<meta name="description" contents="put your description here">

To put in keywords

<meta name="keywords" contents="keyword, keyword keyword, etc.">

To enter your name (not essential !!!)

<meta name="authors" contents="Your names">

Try and keep your description & keywords simple (if you list 100 keywords, a search engine will ignore most) and avoid repeating them


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