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Password Protected Pages

WARNING - To properly password protect part of web site you need server sided assistance.What follows is a very simple way of providing password protection. It is relatively easy to by -pass and should not be used to protect anything that would be problematic if accessed by unauthorised users. We take no liability for its use and/or its failure to protect areas of a site

Opps sorry about the warning but if you need serious password protection you should contact you hosting company/ISP

You can produce an easy password protected area to your site with just a few lines of HTML/javascript. Whilst it'll keep general browsers, it is of little defense against a serious hacker.

Its beauty lies in the fact that the target page at the other side of the directory is the name of the password and is not stored on the password entry page (most other JavaScript password protections end up with the password in the code on the entry page - so anyone wanting to get the password just has to select view source.

Click below to see it in action and get the code
(if you get it wrong hit back on your browser)


We'll then move on and describe more advanced ways of using the same trick

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