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Hang On I don't Have
an HTML editor...

HTML beauty is that it is a text based language. So this means almost any text editor from basic packages like Notepad right up to packages like Microsoft Word or Sun's Star Office can edit files.

Our favorite is good old notepad (no I'm not joking!!!)

If you don't know where this is click

start -> programs->accessories.

(If not there click start -> find-> files or folders and search for it)

(Many people will also be able to use Wordpad also in accessories if you use this set save as file type to unicode and type in the file name of your page with the .htm or .html suffix e.g. index.htm - don't panic this will be explained elsewhere)

The trick with any text editor is not to save the file as the default file type (e.g. .txt with notepad or .doc with word). You may have a save as option in the file menu which will allow you to select HTML or you might get an option to specify the file type.

Most WYSIWYG webpage editors such as Frontpage express have an HTML mode. If you click on view -> HTML allowing you to edit HTML (although it tries to "autocorrect" often with disastrous results and prevents you from adding some HTML which is correct)

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