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Using notepad

Using Notepad

Notepad's Layout

notepad layout

Creating a web site directory
The first Thing to do is to create a folder to keep all the file related to your site in. Do this as normal either on your HD or FD. This is vital !!!!

If you don't know how simple click on the drive you want, the open any folder (my documents is a good pace to start) you want to put the new folder in and then right click the mouse on a blank space. Select new -> folder. You can then type in name (make it appropriate e.g. "Joe Bloggs Web Site").

To open a file in HTML
Save a webpage to your hard drive. Open notepad and select file -> open. At the bottom of the open box alter the type of file box by using the pull down menu to select all file. Now find the webpage that you saved earlier and select open. You should now be seeing the page in pure HTML form

you can do the same with your own files

To save a HTML file
Once a file is prepared simply click file -> save. Select the target directory

Then (1) set Save as file type to All Files [*.*]. (2) On the save menu type in your file name and add .htm (e.g. index.htm). This sets the file as a HTML document.

If you fail to do this the file gets saved as a text file
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