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Browser Specific tags

Browser tags

As you've probably come to realise by now there are loads of browser inconsistencies. Even the W3C HTML 4.0 standard is not supported fully by the 2 major browsers.

In addition extra non W3C standard tags & attributes are chucked in by both the major manufacturers

We've indicated throughout where you might have problems (e.g. especially in our sound and video sections)

Here are some of the main browser specific tags

Internet explorer

<marquee> - v2 Upwards
Add scrolling text like this. Which you'll only see with Internet explorer. ( Navigator just renders this like a paragraph)
<iframe> - v2 Upwards
Which adds a inline frame within your document
<bgsound> - v2 upwards
Add a background sound
this link is to our background sounds page)

Netscape Navigator

<blink> - v2 upward
Perhaps the most infamous Navigator tag. Causes text to blink when viewed with navigator - like here
<multicol> -v2 to v6
Allows you to turn your text into newspaper like columns
<spacer> -v2 upward
useful way of creating a blank area to aid page layout