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That's your basic page stuck together. You're now approaching the point where you'll want to publish it. But first lets take it step by step......
Checking Your Page
Other Pages
Uploading Your Site
Checking Your Site

Checking Your Page

If you've followed the above then you can make a simple page.

Congratulations !!!!.

Remember to save it to your folder

Now you need to check how your page looks on a browser. It is worth checking your file with several browsers such as IE and Netscape as there are subtle difference with appearance.

Double check your spelling and how things appear.

Check your links including those on the www. (If you click on them your browser will try to link)

Other Pages

If you want to create several web pages to upload in one go simply select file and then new (or click create new normal page icon). Remember to save your page to the same folderback to the top

Uploading Your Site

Before uploading your site onto the world wide web it is important to check all your web pages and associated image files are in the same folder. Remember that your page must have the image files sourced from within that folder (i.e. don't use or use then move in or out image files). If you have multiple pages make sure the one you wish people to start on is called index.htm (see later).

Recheck your links on both your browsers and HTML editor. If you are linking to other pages within the website you are preparing make sure that it reads just the file name e.g. nextpage.htm not a string C:/yourfolder/nextpage.htm otherwise it won't work on the net

Check you ISP regards uploading. Most will have a help web page or FAQ or will provide advice over the phone. Many use different ways of uploading so it is important to check and seek advice. Most want you to use a protocol called FTP (remember that from earlier)

We've now a whole tutorial section on how to upload your site & FTP. But here is an abbreviated version using Microsoft®'s Web Publishing Wizard (see tutorial for more details on web publishing wizard and how to get it

Once you've selected web publishing wizard from Start menu follow the on screen instructions. On the Select File or Folder menu put in the path to your web site folder (you can use browse) and click next. Then on the Name the Web server put in the box any name (it is not technically important so something you would remember like "Joe Bloggs server").

On the Specify the URL and directory type in the address given by your ISP e.g. .


The directory for your web page should be in the box below. Click next and connect (dial up box should appear). The next follows some ISP security steps (often just your username and password but check). Complete the remaining pages as per instructed.

.back to the top

Checking Your Site

It is vital you check your site quickly and also with several browsers).

The Site address you entered above should be entered in your browser if you use a start page named index.htm (e.g.

This will open onto you page called index automatically. If not add a backslash and type the webpage name in plus its file type (.htm) (e.g.

Check every thing works

That's it !!! That's all you have to do to make up a basic site. Congratulations!!!!

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Or try our other HTML tutorials pages

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