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webmonkey's Multimedia GuideWebmonkey's Multimedia guide
Provides Excellent Tips and solutions to adding audio & video to your site and give great help on streaming and using other technologies
John McGowan's AVI OverviewJohn McGowan's AVI Overview
John works for NASA but in his spare time has one of the most comprehensive guides to AVI (and other digital video techniques) on the net to look at.
Joe Burns' site on all things HTM and more has some excellent tutorials on adding sound and video and looks at streaming technologies.
Apple'Quicktime Home pageQuickTime™ Homepage
Apple's official QuickTime™ home page. Can download the free latest basic version here as well as usde the various resource and help files
Judy and Robert's Little Quicktime PageJudy and Robert's Little Quicktime™ Page
Judy and Robert write books on Quicktime™. Their site a bit difficult to navigate but is a very useful collection of links and articles for Quicktime™ afficianados.
How to Produce High-Quality QuickTime

How to Produce High-Quality QuickTime™
This commercial site provides useful info on creating a QuickTime™ film for online or Elsewhere

MPEG Pointers and Resources

MPEG Pointers and Resources
Useful site for info and resources on MPEG standard
Good place to start if you've an interest in steaming mediaNot only can you download the basic RealPlayerŽ for free but also there is tons of help and free downloads to help you set up streamed multimedia from your site. Home Page Home Page
Home of RealAudioŽ and RealVideoŽ steaming. This is the big brother of the site and has tons of useful info for developers wanting to use real steaming. Includes a set of very niffty tutorials

Microsoft Development networks
(MSDN) web workshop Index. Workshops on wide range of useful techniques including sections on multimedia Media website
Windows media files (.wma & .wmv) are the new media kids on the block. Learn more about 'em and download some developer tools here

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