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CGI & Active X
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CGI, Scripting Languages
and Active X

Last Updated on - April 2003

CGI and Other Scripting Lanuages

The CGI Resource IndexCGI Resource Index
Lives up to its name. Has online guides and lists thousands of CGI resources ranging from free hosted resorces like search engines and counters to guides to PERL and UNIX
The PHP Resource IndexPHP Resource Index
Another currently en vogue server sided scripting language is PHP. Here's a useful site giving you access or links to tons of resources
asp allianceASP Alliance
A very useful source of info on Microsoft's Active Server Pages scripting. Tutorials links advice abound.

Tons of CGI resources such as hit counters. Most important they'll even host your CGI script (so a solution if your server doesn't!!!!!!!)
ASP 101ASP 101
Bill's itself as "the place developers go..". ASP 101 not suprisingly is a useful resource for ASP scripting. Includes examples, scripts etc. Good range of links
The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock SoftwareTucows Network
Tucows has one of the best & most comprehensive web design resources site on the net now. Includes in its programmer section info on PERL, CGI and other server sided resources. Just visit the main site and click HTML stuff and go to the progrmmer menu
Massive resource site giving info and resources on a wide range of web site creation topics. In terms of CGI has a useful set of links to site which will provide you with CGI for things from newsfeed to counters
The cNET site is another massive commercially run resource but has masses of useful tutorials. This link leads you to their programming area with useful hints on CGI
Not just colussus in the sea of sites on HTML.but also covers other topics. His guide to CGI good start point for anyone wanting to learn more on. Forum
Superb PERL based CGI forum that is free to download & use, great to use and look at and allows you monkey around with it. Easy to install with limited knowledge. We use it if that wasn't a good enough reason!!
webmonkey's programming Guide

Webmonkey Programming area
Details how to use CGI, PHP, ASP & tons of other resources useful if you wnt to learn to write in PERL and set up your own CGI


Active X


Microsoft's ActiveX Controls - Microsoft Papers, Presentations, Web Sites, and Books, for ActiveX Controls

MSDN web workshop Index. Workshops on wide range of useful techniques

Massive resource site giving info and resources not only on CGI, but Java, HTML etc.

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