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Last Updated - Dec 2001

Yale Style Manual

Yale Style Manual
Detailed advice on what is good web style. Bit of a website designers blueprint, if now getting a tad dated. Still excellent advice about layout font and colour selection

Excellent general site for basics to advanced website construction and design. From Lycos and Wired

The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software

Tucows Network
Tucows has one of the best & most comprehensive web design resources site on the net now. Has plenty of tips on getting your site spot on. When at the major tucows site just click HTML stuff

noframes organisation

NoFrames Campaign
This is one of the best points to start if you want to see the pros and cons of frames (abet biased against). However they try to give a fair range of links to sites advocating frames

cNET web builder

Excellent web builder site. Advice for all from basics to advanced includes tons of tricks and tips to getting your site looking better Jakob Nielsen's Website Jakob Nielsen's Website
Jakob's site is a world renowned one on webstyle. He's a big advocate for minimising non HTML items such as graphics and Flash and ensuring site usability. His ideas are worth a peak before you add that 2Mb flash movie to your site.

Visit .net magazine's web site
Good selection of advice for beginner to expert. Resources including JavaScripts, etc.
Crafting an nifty personal web siteCrafting a nifty personal web site
One view on what you should and shouldn't be doing. Simple and Useful


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