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These sites are excellent all round guides or resources


Top notch general site covering everything from the basics to advanced skills like PERL. Huge range of data

cNET web builder

Great web builder site. Advice for all from basics to advanced includes tons of tricks and tips. Also cNET is another great download site for software
Excellent major resource site. Comprises a selection of superb sites such as, etc. which we have listed elsewhere and cover all you need to know and more
This is a colossus in the sea of sites on Web site design. What began as an on-line college tutorial for HTML now attracts around 50,000 visitors a day. There is over a Hundred tutorials ranging from HTML basics to JavaScript to using CGI World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
WC3 is responsible for the HTML standard (and a whole host of other languages such as XML). Here you can get a list of up to date standard and a whole host of useful info
Massive resource site giving info and resources on CGI, but Java, HTML etc.

The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software

Tucows Network
Very, very handy site. Initially was a provider of downloadable software but has now expanded with excellent segments on website construction and design in its HTML stuff area. This covers everything from HTML basics to XML and PERL as well as graphics skills

Visit .net magazine

.net magazine's web site
Good selection of advice for beginner to expert. Covers a wide range of web building topics from using Frontpage express to HTML and then onto JavaScripts. Dozens of JavaScripts to copy as well as giving a perspective of what's cool on the net
new on the block. Some pretty comprehensive tutorials especially on design and site promotion. Lots still under construction so hopefully grow and grow
Quite quirky site that offers both free tutorials and e-services. Has tutorials on HTML, Frontpage express, JavaScript etc.


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