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The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
WC3 is reponsible for the HTML standard (and a whole host of other lanuagaes such as XML). Here you can get a list of up to date standard and a whole host of useful info

This is a colossus in the sea of sites on HTML. What began as an on-line college tutorial now attracts around 50,000 visitors a day. There is over a Hundred tutorials ranging from HTML basics to JavaScript to using CGI
NCSA (at UIUC) Beginner's Guide to HTMLThe National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois
Beginner's Guide to HTML. Superb online tutorial with downloadable sections. Well worth the visit although can be bit of a trudge.
The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software

Tucows Network
Tucows has one of the best & most comprehensive web design resources site on the net now. Not only excellent guides to all you need to know about HTML but it moves on to tackle issues like PERL, CGI, JavaScript & Flash. Just visit the main site and click HTML stuff

Web pages for beginnersWebpages for beginners
Very Useful site on how to create a basic web page using notepad and HTML. Written in a clear & easy to understand way

The Pixel pen

The Pixel pen
Another useful beginners guide to using HTML
HTML an Interactive Tutorial for Beginners.
Another superb tutorial site on how to get started Explains with ease how to make your own site from beginning to end
webmonkey's HTML guide
Webmonkey's HTML guide
Webmonkey is part of Lycos's wired news and is an excellent all round guide to everything you wanted to know about Website building.

The HTML Quick Reference Guide

The HTML Quick Reference Guide from the University of Kansas. Has a extensive list of HTML codes


cNET's basic HTML guide.
The cNET site is another massive commercially run resource but has masses of useful tutorials, help and tips & tricks for the web designer

Mr Nussberger's Educational site
Another tutorial on basics Created on a homepage. Looks dated now but info useful (and he'll teach about maths too!!)

Visit .net magazine

.net magazine's web site. Excellent source of hints and tips not just on HTML but all aspects of web site construction and design. Great forums and free downloads too. Good basic guide to HTML TV Developer site
Microsoft TV is one of several web TV standards. This site is a handy start to setting up a website with web TV in mind
Massive resource site giving info and resources on a wide range of web site creation topics, not just on using HTML web workshop Index. Microsoft's Workshops on wide range of useful techniques including HTML. Hand Work round issues for audio and visual problems like embedding help
Recently updated and moved, This site offers help on some of those sticking points such as frames and a (very) basic intro into HTML
new on the block. Some pretty comprehensive tutorials not just on HTML. Focuses on design and site promotion. Lots still under construction so will hopefully grow and grow

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