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This Section list our personal view about the top 10 freebies out there for budding web designers. We also list the nearly rans and those that just drop out of the top 10. We'll try to update regularly

we don't recommend, endorse or take any responsibility for the downloading, installation or running of any software referred to on this site (or any sites linked to it) and any subsequent damage or problems that the program, it's installation or its download may cause. You do so at your own risk. You should always read the manufacturers/site authors instructions, warranties and disclaimers and our legal notices)







After all this time WS_FTP LE remains top dog in freeware FTP software. It's a stripped down version of Ipswitch Inc software's powerful WS-FTP program. However for most webmasters it will be more than adequate.



download netscapeNetscape 7 represents the latest in a long line of browser suites. Whilst critics argue over the pros and cons of the browser and email software, we continue to applaud the inclusion of a great WYSIWYG web editor in this free bundle. Take a hint Microsoft



YaBB forum is one of those superb freebies you get on line from time to rare time. It's powerful open source web forum software. Check out ours. Not for the novice and your webspace host will need to allow you to use your own PERL scripts but a great tool.



FREESerifSoftware.comSerif software's image editor Photoplus 5.5 is now available as a free download along with other older versions of Serif software (just click on logo) This is a more than adequate image editor for beginners to use to create .gif or jpeg files



With AceHTML 5 Freeware a great HTML editor the boys at Visicom get their first mention. Excellent update to AceHTML 4 Freeware that we used to use regularly on this site. Comes with integrated viewer



AceFTPVisicom get a second mention with this free striped down version of their AceFTP Pro program. Another handy FTP program. A better looking alternative to WS_FTP SE but less pedigree and features



The GIMP is a another open source program but this time an image editor. Very powerful, but interface not for faint hearted, Check out the main site at or the Windows site. Because of licencing issues automatic support for .gif files isn't their but if you live ouwith areas where the patent applies you can download that as a plug in.


- Openoffice is an excellent web freebie. It's a free open sourced office suite based on Sun's staroffice. You do get a reasonable office suite which included a webpage editor and will handle MS office files for zilch. Although this comes with no formal support from sun (You can buy Staroffice with support from Sun), there's a great online community if you get stuck



http://pico.i-us.comHTML shrinker is an old friend to our site. It allows you to remove unwanted spaces from HTML pages. (we lose abou 5-15%) Watch it's menu options though as you could delete morre than you bargin for and we'd always back up our site before use. Also removing backup file the program creates isn't always abutomatic



ZonealarmZonealarm basic isn't technically a web design tool but a firewall program. Sadly in this day and age we must recommend such a great bit of freeware protection for your PC. It's free and will make your PC more secure (if you want you can cough up for their pro and plus versions but for most home users this will be more than adequate)


Windows Movie Maker II
This is part of windows XP standard installation (hence misses out as limited only to latest Microsoft operating sytems. This graphic editing software is not without its faults & critics, but can turn out great web ready .wmv video files
windows media home page may be of some use Before Helix Producer Basic Realnetworks made Real producer basic a product we would have had in the top five. Although Helix basic shares & builds on that interface for converting video files in to real video files for streaming, the ability to put files on ordinary servers is reduced, which is why it's lost ground here. Admittedly real are giving away free use of server software to enable streaming, but this is beyond most home Webmasters use.

Frontpage Express
Sadly no longer provided or supported by Microsoft (the reason it misses out here), WYSIWYG web editor that launched this site is down but not quite out. You can still find it. Check here for more


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