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Beyond Composer

By now you've been through our basic and advanced netscape tutorials and should have a pretty good website set up.

However, as you've probably realised, there are limitations to what you can do with Composer (we've covered most of the main options already!!)

To get beyond this you're going to need to use HTML. We'd advise you to learn how to use this easy to learn language but we appreciate there are some who just want to carry on using composer without learning this new skill (shame on you it will give you the chance to do more with your pages !!)

Here are some of the helpful ideas

Frames essentially allow you to display 2 pages in the same window. Controversial web design tool but can be handy. This area explains more about what they are, how they work and how to link within them

How to add sound to your site. From recording sound files to creating background effects etc. Includes advice on streaming media

How to add video clips to your site. Advice on how to capture video, file type, how to add etc. Includes advice on streaming media

Get feedback from your visitors. How to create feedback and other forms with composer

Java & JavaScript
Your first to steps in giving you dynamic interactive pages using these seperate web language techniques (don't worry we're not going to bore you with tons of code - it's all nice and easy)

Event Handlers
These small snippits of JavaScript sit within other HTML elements. Can create dynamic efeects for your page


Hints for using Composer
Our composer specific hints and tips

Composer Links
Helpful sites for you to visit



HTML Tutorials
Learn more about the language which webpages are written in

Streaming Tutorial
Get streaming media Running from your site with this handy guide

Cool Tips
Some cool ideas to make your site better

FTP tutorial
Our guide to uploading your site and the world of FTP


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