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Adding Sounds To Your Web Site
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  File Types
  Link to Sound
  Embedding sound

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So Far we've concentrated on the look of of your page. But many pages on the net use sound to brighten up their pages.

Composer doesn't directly give support for adding sound and it was one of the most frequently requested composer questions we recieved hence this section.

Using its HTML options does allow you to add sounds(although again we would encourage you to begin learing about HTML if you're at this level)

This section has several pages detailing what sound files are, how the down load and things like streamed sound. There is also a guide to recording sound

Pick from below

  File Types
Guide to The main file types used on the web
Describes how sound is delivered to your PC and how it plays . Touches on streaming
How to record a simple sound file
  Make a Link to a Sound file
simplest way of adding sounds to your pages
  Embedding sound
Embedding sound files into your pages which run off the page
How to add background sound effects
  Streaming mediaStreaming Media
How to send audio and video in rapid access continuous stream from your site

just a reminder note about copyright. This is much the same as site graphics. If you are putting music on your site that you wrote, hold the copyright to (if there is one) and performed that is then that's okay under most countries' and international law (assuming it fulfils international and locally acceptable laws about it contents and lyrics - i.e.. Don't put a song on-line if if against the law to play it in front of an audience). Clearly if you change your entire music collection or a film's audio track into downloadable files and place it on the web without permission from the relevant parties that is illegal and you might well end up being at the wrong end of a legal action. Between this the key is permission, so basically if in doubt don't do it and see about getting permission first (These thing vary from country to country and company to company - so we're not going to bore you to death about it and give potentially false legal info).

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