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Our HTML Book reviews cover a range of HTML books.
Paul Mcfredies's book is an excellent starting point for those interested in learning HTML

Click on book to buy or see more reviews of it
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Hypertext Markup language (HTML) is what web pages are
written in. Composer and other WYSIWYG HTML editors do the translating for you. However all of these have their limitations
(e.g. can't create frames in WYSIWYG mode in Composer) so learning some HTML is no bad thing.

HTML is a text based language. It works by using a series of commands (called tags) to alter the appearence of text, add images etc.

e.g the following line

something <i>stands</i> out

would appear as :-

something stands out

(the <i> tag turns on italics and the </i> stops it)

This site has whole tutorial section devoted to HTML

We suggest you spend some time there to learn about HTML before reading on.

Adding HTML with composer 6.x

With the easiest way to add or alter HTML with composer 6.x is just to click on the <HTML> source tag at the bottom left of the window (alternative click view ->HTML source). Unfortunately composer may try to alter the HTML once you've typed it !!!

You can add HTML to indvidual area in 2 ways

You can add chunks of HTML using the insert -> HTML

Insert HTML box v6.x

Just type your HTML in

Secondly you can alter individual items attibutes. Select your text, item or image and select it's properties as before and then advanced properties

advanced property editor box for v6.x

If you ensure that the HTML attributes (X) tag is selected you can choose a range of attributes via the pull down attribute menu (Y) and enter the value opposite.

Adding HTML with Composer 4.x

You can get into editing the whole pages HTML by going

Tools -> HTML Tools -> Edit HTML Source

On older versions if you click on edit -> HTML Source you will get the same effect (if you try to do this with newer versions you may get the option to hunt down an external HTML editor!!!)

Unfortunately composer may try to alter the HTML once you've typed it !!!

.The other 2 methods avoid composer re-editing your HTML.

Firstly you can raw HTML by clicking on the insert -> HTML Tag

You will be presented with a box you can type or paste your HTML into.

Unfortunately you need to type each tag in seperately (including closure tags indicated with a "/" e.g. </script>) Any HTML text entered will have a set of special marker tags which browsers won't recognize but composer will (they tell it to not to alter the HTML).

Remember to repeat the process later to close any tags

(Even Older versions use Insert -> HTML Markup... for the same effect)

Finally you can insert attributes into areas. For example if you right-click on an image and select image properties, on the image properties menu you will see (F) the "extra HTML" button at the bottom of the panel. Select this and you can enter attributes and their values

extra HTML Box


You often get glitches so you may have to result to going back to the direct HTML editing mode.

Our site has a complete HTML tutorial area if you want to find out more ways you can do this.
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